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Big Verbal Score Jumps

“I took the test yesterday and got 700 (q49 v37), up from previous score of 590 (q46 v26), so job done. I think most of the gain on verbal came from improved SC – I found your techniques/approach excellent and exactly what I was looking for, and overall am confident that the tutoring was worthwhile and value-adding. Not sure I’m going to become an SC hobbyist like yourself ;) instead I think it’s a useful skill and sentence grammar is something I’ll be much more aware of now.

Thanks guys!”

Nimesh, 110-point improvement (from 590 to 700, after four sessions totaling 8 hours; accepted by London Business School)

“I have finally succeeded with my GMAT. I got score 610 (83% in Math and 39% in verbal), which is enough for Imperial. They have already sent me unconditional offer. Thank you very much for your help and personal approach.”

Svetlana, 110-point improvement (from 500 to 610, with 33 percentile point improvement in verbal and 27 percentile point improvement in quantitative; accepted Imperial College Business School)

“The GMAT went pretty well, my best results to date on both quant and verbal. Got 650, so pretty happy with that, and no doubt couldn’t have done it without your and Pete’s help, so many thanks!!!”

I got 43 on Quant and 36 on Verbal (that is up from 29 on verbal thanks to Pete).”

Andy, 650 (including 25 percentile point improvement in verbal from 53% to 78%)

“Just to let you know, I’ve done the Gmat on Monday and got a 630 (48 quant and 28 verbal).

I think this I could have done a bit better in the verbal section but thats a massive improvement and thank you very much for all your support, let’s keep in touch.”

Dan, 630 (non-native speaker scoring 48th percentile in verbal; accepted University of Chicago EMBA and Ashridge [with scholarship])