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Big Total Score Jumps

“Thanks for the work you guys put in with me. I start my full time MBA on 08 September.”

Campbell, 140-point improvement (from 510 to 650, after 4 sessions totaling 8 hours over 1.5 months)

“In all I probably had about ten lessons with Cliff. These lessons took me from being a math-phobic 550 scorer to scoring 680 at my first attempt: with 77th percentile in the Quantitative section. Although still not a stellar score, it ought to be considered in context of someone whose educational disciplines were primarily languages and philosophy. I scraped ‘C’ grades in high school math and had given the dreaded topic no further thought for the subsequent decade. Cliff’s patient and thorough tuition made an enormous difference to my confidence and ability when it came to test day.

Cliff’s uniquely analytical approach to GMAT preparation befits someone with an INSEAD MBA. His question banks and online spreadsheets allow one to rapidly identify problem areas and, through targeted practise, build skills and confidence.

For most of us, GMAT is a lot of work. Having expert individual tuition really allows one to leverage one’s own efforts and minimize the time til getting the score you want.”

Arthur, 130-point improvement, nearly all from quantitative (from 550 to 680 after 12 sessions totaling 24 hours over 2.5 months; accepted by Wharton)

“I have finally succeeded with my GMAT. I got score 610 (83% in Math and 39% in verbal), which is enough for Imperial. They have already sent me unconditional offer. Thank you very much for your help and personal approach.”

Svetlana, 110-point improvement (from 500 to 610, with 33 percentile point improvement in verbal and 27 percentile point improvement in quantitative; accepted Imperial College Business School)

“I took the test yesterday and got 700 (q49 v37), up from previous score of 590 (q46 v26), so job done. I think most of the gain on verbal came from improved SC – I found your techniques/approach excellent and exactly what I was looking for, and overall am confident that the tutoring was worthwhile and value-adding. Not sure I’m going to become an SC hobbyist like yourself ;) instead I think it’s a useful skill and sentence grammar is something I’ll be much more aware of now.

Thanks guys!”

Nimesh, 110-point improvement (from 590 to 700, after four sessions totaling 8 hours; accepted by London Business School)