FREE Diagnostic Exam and Feedback

Our tuition process always starts with a 1.5 hour diagnostic exam we send by email. The test, including scoring and high-level feedback, is FREE.

We always start with a diagnostic in order to determine:

How far away you currently are from your target score (even if you have taken an official or other practice test, another data point is useful)
A first inventory of where your strengths and weaknesses lie

Without understanding how far you are from your target score and where you need to improve the most, neither you nor we will be able to estimate the magnitude of the task ahead, e.g.:

What score increase do you need to meet at least the average score of your target schools?
How realistic is that score increase?
How long will it take to achieve (i.e., how many study hours? How many tutorial sessions?
How many practice questions/tests do you need to cover?)
Which areas do you need to focus on?
Where is the low-hanging fruit, and which areas will take longer to improve (necessitating an early concentration on them)?