Every Ivy League school could fill their classes with valedictorians who scored in the top 10% of SATs.  The reason schools don’t accept many of these prime students are because of generic personal essays that don’t reflect their unique identity and self-awareness.

Only the essay can show your motivation, personality, and character.  Everyone knows of the valedictorian, perfect SAT scorer, varsity sport captain who volunteers that still failed to get into a their first choice. Make no mistake, the essay was the deciding factor.

After top applicants are denied, they often ask what more they could have done?
Answer: They needed a clear and convincing short story that highlights their relevant life experiences.

If this was easy then demand for our services wouldn’t exist. MBA applicants pay $5000+ for consulting services for 4 schools. Considering the cost of higher education getting into the best school that minimally will cost tens-of-thousands dollars and years of your time and life, our clients see the value.

Our philosophy – Information about college application is ubiquitous.  We will guide you through the static and hype for no cost.  We add value by developing your personal story. We believe the clarity or your story makes all the difference.

Who we are – As former  and practicing journalist and educators, we have successfully helped applicants by creating a true and compelling essays. (Even with successfully helping applicants with sub-par undergraduate grades and test scores.)

Our history – Starting our business in 2008 as admission, we’ve consulted high-level professionals applying to internationally top-ranked MBA programs. We’ve cut our teeth on the most competitive field of graduate applicants, who needing a strong “narrative.” Many of our worldwide clients (from various professional backgrounds including accountant, lawyers, social entrepreneurs and artists) enter top-MBA programs.  Our experience with diverse clients is our strength.

Our Goals: Help you convincingly write your unique life’s story.