We provide you with a clear understanding of the process for free. There is no need to charge for information that you can easily find. We will gladly help you navigate through the ocean of information.

Once you have a clear picture of the application landscape, we will then work on your personal strategy.

Before we start to work on the essays, 5+ hours of personal interviews, transcript and resume review, and personalized questionnaires help answer the tough questions of ”who you are,” “where you came from,” and “where you’re going.” This highly interactive process reveals your psychology, philosophy and motivation for wanting a higher education with clarity.

Our in-depth process exposes your personal story, which can be abstract and deeply internalize. We will guide you through the self-reflection and introspection for this rigorous autobiographical process. Using directed questions to prompt subplots that help paint your story arc.

What do you want to hear from your doctor before surgery?
A) I was always good at biology and chemistry; that’s why I became a doctor.
B) My younger sister had the same surgery; that’s why I became a doctor.
C) All of the above
(Too often essays lack answer B.)

Writing your life story within the extremely short essay often requires professional editing. (The Common App Accepted by 400+ schools, many of them top-tier universities, only allow 500 words).

An autobiography in 500 words!

When the essays are finished, it not just an essay, it’s a better understanding of yourself that is crucial for interviews.