Every ivy league school could fill their classes with valedictorians who scored in the top 10% of SATs.  The reason schools don’t accept many of these prime students are because of generic personal essays that don’t reflect their unique identity and self-awareness.

Only the essay can show your motivation, personality, and character.  Everyone knows of the valedictorian, perfect SAT scorer, varsity sport captain who volunteers that still failed to get into a their first choice. Make no mistake, the essay was the deciding factor.

After top applicants are denied, they often ask what more they could have done?
Answer: They needed a clear and convincing short story that highlights their relevant life experiences.

If this was easy then demand for our services wouldn’t exist. MBA applicants pay $5000+ for consulting services for 4 schools. Considering the cost of higher education getting into the best school that minimally will cost tens-of-thousands dollars and years of your time and life, our clients see the value.